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A New Wave in Plant-Based Seafood: Transitioning from Future Farm Tuna to OMNI Tuna

 Future Farm TVNA vs Omni Tuna



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The landscape of plant-based seafood is ever-evolving, with innovations continually reshaping consumer choices. A significant development in this space is the discontinuation of Future Farm Tuna by its Australian supplier. This blog post aims to explore the journey of Future Farm Tuna and introduce its replacement - OMNI Plant-Based Tuna - a promising new contender in the world of vegan seafood.

The Journey of Future Farm Tuna: Future Farm Tuna, known for its innovative approach to replicating the texture and flavor of traditional tuna, was a significant product in the plant-based seafood market. Using a unique blend of soy, pea, and chickpea protein, along with olive oil, radish, and microalgae oil, it provided a sustainable and health-conscious alternative to seafood enthusiasts. However, as the market continues to grow and consumer preferences evolve, the product has been discontinued by its Australian supplier.

Introducing OMNI Tuna: As the tides turn, we are excited to introduce OMNI Plant-Based Tuna, a product poised to fill the gap left by Future Farm Tuna. OMNI Tuna, part of OmniFoods' OmniSeafood range, is a groundbreaking addition to the plant-based seafood market.


OMNI Tuna stands out with its proprietary blend of non-GMO soy, pea, and rice proteins, delivering a texture and taste that closely resembles traditional tuna. It is the first ambient product from OmniFoods, following the global success of its OmniPork series. This vegan and Buddhist-friendly alternative is free from trans-fat, cholesterol, hormones, artificial colors, MSGs, and preservatives. Enriched with omega-3 ALA derived from non-GMO expeller-pressed canola oil, OMNI Tuna not only satisfies the palate but also caters to health and environmental consciousness.

Sustainability and Ethics: With the introduction of OMNI Tuna, there's a renewed focus on sustainability and ethical consumption. The product aligns with the growing consumer demand for food options that are kinder to the planet and its inhabitants. By choosing OMNI Tuna, consumers play a part in reducing overfishing and supporting marine ecosystem conservation.

The shift from Future Farm Tuna to OMNI Tuna is more than just a change in products; it's a reflection of the dynamic nature of the plant-based food industry and its commitment to innovation and sustainability. As we embrace OMNI Tuna, we look forward to continuing our journey towards a more sustainable and ethical food future.

Looking for an Future Farm Tuna replacement? If you are a trade customer hit the wholesale button, if this is for just you hit the retail button

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