Meet co. - Tenders - 1kg

Meet co. - Tenders - 1kg

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You know how people always say it tastes like chicken? Even when it’s a frog’s leg? Well, after trying these, you’ll probably also resort to the unimaginative response “yes it really does taste like chicken.” But our Tender Strips are chicken-free. So stick that in your pan and fry it. 
What do MEET Tender Strips taste like? Um, like chicken. How do I cook MEET Tender Strips? Yep, like chicken. 
All-chicken taste and texture. No clucks given. 

INGREDIENTS: Water, Plant Proteins (23%) (Soy Protein Concentrates, Wheat Gluten),
Canola Oil, Pea Fibre, Pea Starch, Natural Flavours, Mineral (Iron), Vitamin

Allergens: Soy, Gluten